posted Aug 7, 2017, 9:44 AM by Cameron Hubanks

Picnics, parades, pork and beans and Packers...

August is upon us. One last month of summer to enjoy the fruits of fun activities that brings family, friends and community together. I have fond memories of the Kiel Picnic always the third weekend in August. Our goal on the farm was to finish combining the oats. The best of years was when we would haul the last load home Friday afternoon, do the chores and clean up and head into town to hear the band concert and get a grilled cheese and chocolate milk at the FFA stand. After these events we would anticipate a fresh new year of school to begin.

Anticipation: Something to look forward to. Often in difficult times, it is helpful to have something to look forward to. It may be a lunch with a friend, or picking up a book you’ve been waiting for at the library. Whatever it is, even in the simple things, have something to look forward to.

When Jesus was saying goodbye to his disciples and friends, though he was saddened he knew there was a kingdom waiting for him that is beyond what others could see. Jesus was looking forward to becoming one with God in a spiritual form, though in his death, he was looking forward to new life.
As our life carries swiftly along, we look for opportunities of joy and fulfillment. May your August be filled with the greatest of anticipation for whatever it is that brings you joy.

Blessings, Pastor Sara