For everything there is a season

posted Aug 27, 2014, 5:57 PM by Cameron Hubanks   [ updated Aug 27, 2014, 6:01 PM ]

 “For everything there is a season and time for every matter under heaven.” Time. The lessons of time. Wasting time, losing time, time heals all wounds, in the fullness of time. 

This is tomato picking season. With the warmer weather the tomatoes have been ripening more quickly. I have decided to try my hand at canning this year, and thought I would do some tomatoes. The challenge of this, is… well…time. When I have time, the tomatoes are not yet ripe. When the tomatoes are ripe and getting soft, I lack the time to get to them. The kids and I did have some time to can 12 pints and the kids picked “everything that wasn’t green” to wait for our next batch. Half way into the sauce making, I needed to stop to call my mom to find out how long the jars needed to be in the boiling bath of water to seal. Thirty five minutes. Hum, I thought, good thing I am not in a hurry. I had time to kill. The whole process took a little over two hours, and now sitting on our counter, are twelve pints of home-made sauce ready for spaghetti for supper tomorrow. We all were proud. 

I compared the sauce to a jar I purchased from the store recently. I contemplated the simplicity of just turning the cap and dumping. Is this savings worth it? I wondered. Time is money, we hear so often, but the time I had around the kitchen table teaching the kids, learning myself, and gathering wisdom from my parents, that is of priceless value. The time spent was well worth it and I felt such appreciation for the labor of our hands at the end of the day. Everything has its season. There is a time and purpose for all of us who live, work and enjoy this time we have under heaven. In the fullness of time, we either take the time, or we will lose it. 

Thanks be to God for the time we have to share in appreciation of all of God’s great gifts. 


 Pastor Sara