Happiness Is

posted Mar 4, 2015, 2:27 PM by Cameron Hubanks

Blessing upon blessing. I recently read an article in Psychology Today magazine which studied the notion of happiness. Interesting as it may seem, it was something that was not new to me, or new to our faith. The basic premise was that those who live lives with gratitude and acknowledge the blessings in their lives are often more happier than those who do not; or happier than those who feel that life has shortchanged them in some way.

When Jesus was with his disciples celebrating the Passover meal he gave thanks. We do the same again and again as we remember the sacrifice, the dedication and love that Jesus gave in revealing the magnificent love of God.

We give gratitude and thanks to God in the ways we worship, the ways we interact with others, the way we dedicate our time. I am struck by this every Sunday in worship. We arrive in our sanctuary expecting the worship to feed and nourish us, but the effort it takes to accomplish this takes a joint effort from a lot of people. Someone was there to clean the church, to print the bulletin, to prepare the communion. Becky and Laura do a wonderful job every week as they practice the hymns through the week, and allow God to sing through their music. Someone is there to collect the offerings, to count it, to deposit, to pay the bills. On and on, someone is there, and may we be ever grateful. With gratitude we are a healthy faith family.

With this Easter season we are made aware of the opportunities for new life to bloom. Possibly there is someone you encounter who could use a boost. Someone, who would find meaning in coming to worship and being part of something. Invite them. Ask them to come. Share in the goodness that we find when we know that God is part of our lives.


Pastor Sara