How Much?

posted Nov 7, 2018, 5:45 AM by Cameron Hubanks

How much of your everyday life does God care about? Does it sound like a bit of a trick question? Well, notreally. I’m sure all of us, if we stop and think about it, know that God is interested in every single part of our lives. God is interested in how we treat our family, how we relate with co-workers (and with bosses and employees, if we have either of those). God is interested in whether we are kind and whether we are respectful and whether we love our neighbors and of course God is interested in whether we love God!

But is God interested in how we spend our money? Is God interested in how we use our vote? I think it’spretty obvious that God is interested in all those things. And if the church – this church or any church – isn’tpushing its people to think about these questions from a faith-filled perspective, then perhaps God wonders whether we are really part of the church of Jesus, or whether we are just a social club.

November will be a busy month in the life of Zwingli Church, and in various ways we’ll be thinking of some ofthose issues that sometimes we avoid in church.

On the 11th we’ll have our annual Polka Service. I think God will smile as we tap our toes.... might we even dance?

On the 18th we’ll be learning about the important work that two of our members do with Native peoples in SouthDakota. Even though Jeannette and Judy do this work at their own initiative, they are part of Zwingli UCC, so their work is Zwingli’s work. Partly their report should challenge every one of us to wonder – what work am I doing for God?

On November 4 and 25, I will talk about faith and money. We’ll be taking a little break from our considerationof the “Big Stories of the Bible” to think about faith and money. I suppose this note might cause some to beforewarned and stay away on those two weeks, but I hope it might actually be the opposite for most of you. I hope you are curious to think more about what God thinks about faith and spending and giving. I promise not to reach into your wallet!! But I can make no promise about whether or not God’s Spirit might!

November, as always, wraps up with Thanksgiving. It’s not technically a church holiday, but in reality, giving thanks is profoundly Christian. Here are just a few of the things for which I’m thankful:

  •   That this church has trusted me enough to invite me to be your pastor. I’m grateful!

  •   That many of our members love God enough so much that they engage in mission on all our behalf!

    Some of that mission is with the Lakota in South Dakota and some of it is right here in Dane County. I

    hope even more of us get engaged in the months and years to come!

  •   That God loves music and a party! Polka Sunday ought to bring a smile to all of our faces!

    Thanksgiving blessings to each of you!
    With Great Hope! 
    Rich Pleva, Pastor