June / July

posted May 30, 2017, 4:56 PM by Cameron Hubanks

Communication, communication, communication. How can we improve communication? At Zwingli there are three avenues that the leadership uses to convey information to the greater congregation. First is what you are currently reading: the newsletter. Second is: the bulletin and announcements in Sunday Worship. Third is an email sent to those who have given the church their email address. The council has heard feedback regarding communication in our church and has had intentional conversation in every council meeting about how to publicize and inform the congregation about church matters. A calendar of events is posted, invitations to gatherings, liturgist and usher duties, all the tid bits of what make the church run smoothly. Yet, it seems there are gaps in line, and once again the leadership regroups, comes back together and tells itself, “We need to do a better job of communication.”

As a mom I receive 3 weekly newsletters from the kid’s schools. It takes a minute, or a few, to open the email, wait for it to download, and then read the content of the paragraphs. To be honest, there are weeks I don’t even open the attachment, -and then I miss something. We are constantly reading information all the time, because many facets of our lives are striving to do the same thing the leadership at Zwingli is doing, PROVIDING BETTER COMMUNICATION.

All the communication in the world may be offered, but we have to read it? And if a piece of information is not there, you know what we have to do? ASK

The council wondered out loud a couple months ago, “does anyone read the newsletter?” Everyone is busy all of the time and the world wants our attention all of the time. The leadership at Zwingli is working hard to do a better job of providing clear information, and helping our church run smoothly, while finding better ways to communicate. Thank you for your time and attention in reading this today, and as Jesus said, “Let all who have ears listen.”

Enjoy your summer,

Pastor Sara