June / July

posted Jun 2, 2018, 7:19 AM by Cameron Hubanks

Love in in-between times seeks to bear the burden of a congregation’s unique history, its joys and its pain. It believes all things shared in truth, and pins its hopes on a newidentity of God’s making. Love that begins here has a way of honoring and redeemingthe past, illuminating opportunities, exposing grace, and enduring for all time to come.”1 Corinthians 13:7 (adapted by Linda Kuhn)

Almost no one likes interruptions, distractions, or change, yet times of transition have always been afixture of this life. In 500 BCE, Heraclitus of Ephesus said “change is the only constant.”

As someone who actually ENJOYS the chaos of change, I appreciate that the uncertainty of “in-between” times can introduce anxiety – and I am reminded by the Apostle Paul that no matter what we say or do or believe – in times of change or in times of stability – we are bankrupt without love.

As I write, I am getting ready to go on vacation, and when I return it will almost be June, with the whole summer like a blank slate in front of me. This is a dangerous thing for me as your interim pastor, because my every instinct pushes me into planning mode when my role here is to be in listening and nurturing mode.

Summer is a time ripe for experimenting and doing things a little out of the ordinary – like worship outside, strawberry picking, canoe trips, or bible study at the brewery. I understand you have done a blessing service for tractors! And summer is a time to do the work necessary to prepare for the fall, to plant the seeds that will be harvested later – for confirmation and Sunday school, for mission programs and worship.

We are in “in-between” times – we are having a blast and envisioning the future. I certainly hope you are enjoying this chapter as much as I am! At the same time, your transition phase is still only half- finished; there is an important handoff yet to be completed. While I can guide your planning of what that future might look like, that vision needs to be yours, not mine. You will remain and will need to lovingly train your new pastor just as you have done for me. I will be called to the next stop along myjourney to walk the “in-between” time with a new congregation.

So let us enter these summer months with creative abandon – to dream, to plant, to play, to pray working in partnership with one another and with God to discern where the Spirit is leading.

Grace abounds! Pastor Laura