posted May 7, 2017, 3:02 PM by Cameron Hubanks

For the Love of Weeding: said no person ever!! With springtime upon us, we are delighted to have the flowers in our gardens. Unfortunately, what also grow in our gardens are those weeds we hoped would not grow again. Like a bad penny they emerge through the soil, and we look at them with disappointment as if to say, “you again?” 

Amy and I spent a couple of hours weeding our flowerbeds with the intent to stay on top of the weeds this year. On my knees pulling and pulling, feeling accomplished for how things were tidied, but knowing full well, those weeds will return. 

Physically, weeding is a drag. It’s uncomfortable to be down on the hard rocky ground. And then to get up again! But looking beyond that, weeding can be relaxing and allows one to let the mind wander, or think about nothing at all. I tend to think of God’s Spirit, and, “I come to the garden alone… as he walks with me and he talks with me.” Jesus promised his disciples that he would return. Similar to those weeds, invisible to the eye until it emerges, we know that they will return. Jesus’ presence is a welcome return, but similar to the weeds, we then have to deal with it. We can choose to ignore, however, eventually we will come face to face and know. 

I pray that we can find the Holy Spirit at work in our mundane tasks of daily labor. In this reflection we will find peace and calm, joy and delight even when we have to deal with the struggles and difficulties of life. It gives us an opportunity to find new life. 

Blessings on your springtime surprises - even ‘for the love of the weeds’. 

Pastor Sara