posted May 3, 2018, 5:49 AM by Cameron Hubanks   [ updated May 3, 2018, 6:45 AM ]

“Gold there is, and rubies in abundance, but lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel.

”Proverbs 20:15

Education is on my mind. I am finishing up my first semester as an intentional student – and it has been a LONG time since I have been in a classroom, reading assignments, taking quizzes, and writing papers on someone else’s schedule! Our family is planning a graduation trip to celebrate my son’s high school graduation last January and this Sunday my husband concludes another year teaching confirmation at Middleton UCC.

I grew up surrounded by educators – my father was a teacher, HS principal, and central office administrator; my mother worked in the guidance department; one aunt was a teacher and DECA coach; another aunt managed the school food service. Everything we did as a family revolved around the rhythms of the school calendar.

The church calendar has a rhythm to it as well: Advent – Christmas- Epiphany – Lent – Easter –Pentecost represent the major seasons and celebrations of the church year and proceed one-after-the- other as a kind of multi-act play. The remainder of the year is “Ordinary Time”. Not “ordinary” in the sense of “boring” or “uneventful,” but “ordinary” as in “numbered.” The weeks are counted -which is another way of saying that every week counts!

Which reminds me that EVERYTHING we do counts. Everything we do and don’t do as a church teaches something about who we are and who God is, often whether we intend it or not. When and where we gather, who is seen and who is heard, how we offer grace and welcome to people we know and to those whom we have yet to meet, how we treat those with power and those who are vulnerable, what we say in front of the cameras and what we say behind closed doors, how willing we are to offer assistance and ask for help – all of it is meant to reflect God’s love for the world and Christ’s beloved community.

The church is a family. It is a human family and behaves in all of the good and bad ways that any human family behaves. It is also God’s family, a family of extravagant welcome and unconditional love, a family that asks important questions about meaning and service and our shared life together. I continue to be grateful for the opportunity to walk this path of transition with you, listening to your stories, reading your feedback and working with your Search Committee as they write the Profile for the church.

This month we celebrate our Sunday School and our Search Committee in a special service on Pentecost, May 20. It is a celebration of what we teach and the collective wisdom and love of this amazing expression of beloved community. The Spirit will be present with wind and fire that day, so you want to be sure to be there for it! And.....there will even be CAKE afterwards thanks to our most amazing Women’s Guild!

Blessings to all !! Pastor Laura