posted Oct 6, 2017, 5:41 AM by Cameron Hubanks

Looking forward in Hope.

On this, my last newsletter article to Zwingli UCC in Paoli, I send all of you the best of blessings. Some of you I will have a chance to say Good Bye, many of you I will not. I pray that you will find comfort and joy in each moment knowing that the presence of God is always there to guide and love you. It has been an honor to walk with you and your families through many trials and many rejoicings. Through it all, we have found a grace that has sustained our time together, and now as I depart from my ministry at Zwingli, I pray that you will continue to persevere and run the race that is set before you on the pathway of faith.

As a community of faith who has worshiped together for many years, we sing that traditional hymn at the end of each worship service, God Be With You Until We Meet Again. I will express the same sentiment at the close of worship on Sunday October 15th knowing that our departure is only temporary, and the eternal promise is that we will meet again, and God’s spirit will be near as we may be far from thee.
God be with you, and look forward in hope, a new day is dawning.


Pastor Sara