posted May 6, 2016, 1:16 PM by Cameron Hubanks

Happy May Days!       

The Long Range Planning Committee the Council and I would like to thank you again for your time in participating in the small group chats in January and February. After examining the comments, the leadership of Zwingli has heard some of the requests and as a result we have made some plans. For instance, there will be an outdoor service in June, Rosalie and Ron will be playing in worship in July. We have prayed about the sensitive topics such as Open and Affirming and are still working on the other ideas about church growth and vitality for our congregation. One of the requests is information about world religions. This is a deep topic and the time commitment to engage in this quest is lengthy. I thought I would pass along some information that I have gleaned from readings I have discovered about various world religions, and your local library also has wonderful resources for further study.

We begin with Islam. There is much debate and perplexity about this religion. As with many religions, there are extreme’s in how a group of people interpret the holy writings. The holy book for Islam is Quran. And interestingly enough there is much about love, justice and respect in the book of Quran. How this interpretation is put into action is where many of the terrorist groups have gone astray in their fundamentalism and extremism.

The religion of Islam first came to North America on the souls and tongues of African traders, and then in the hearts of many African slaves. By 1960 Islam was an American religion with its own institutions and schools. It is the fastest growing religion in America. As I mentioned the holy book in Islam is the Quran. It emphasizes unity, and equality and universality of God’s guidance to all humanity through human messengers/prophets. Starting from Adam to Prophet Muhammad.

Islam abolished and condemns all forms of racial, tribal or national prejudices which cause one to stand by one’s own people in an unjust cause over and against truth and justice. In the Quran it states that “the main objective of every venture of interreligious dialogue and cooperation is to bring about justice, order and peace in the world. Cooperation in faltering virtue and justice in ending evil and aggression.” This taken from the Quran.

As we strive to be better human beings, increasing our faith, deepening our spiritual connection with God, it is good for us to think about how other people of faith come to know and worship God.

As you are pulling the dandelions out of your flower beds, this is something to ponder.

Blessings, Pastor Sara