To Catch a Glimpse

posted Nov 25, 2014, 9:34 AM by Cameron Hubanks

 Recently in worship, we grappled with a few of Jesus’ poignant stories. One of them was the story about a man hosting a party and all of the guest’s declined the invitation. Several had to work, several had to tend to their farms, and others had previous commitments. Another story was Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding. In that story we understood more clearly what it means to provide when there is a need.


In all of these stories it tells of how we need to be present, and paying attention in order to catch a glimpse of what God is doing to create order and new life on this earth and in our lives. The same is true for the story of the Nativity. The Shepherds needed to be paying attention in order to hear the angel’s herald. The Wisemen needed to be aware in order to see the star at its rising in the east. But what is significant and important is that those who had a mystical experience of the divine out in the fields of night did not say, “Oh, that was cool,” and continue about their affairs. No, these experiences stirred them. It irritated them with inquiry. This wonder drove these persons to their limits of ‘need to know.’ What was happening? What was going on? 

The marvel of our faith is that God is revealing to us in every moment. But are we paying attention? God is guiding us, or are we too preoccupied to notice. God is sharing with us a way to be happier, and more healthy in a prosperous life. Do we care? 

If we miss the (signs) we have no idea where we are going. Even if we do know what we need to do, where we need to be going, eventually, we have to show up in order to be transformed. The guests needed to show up in order to experience Jesus. Jesus needed to show up in order for the water to be turned to wine. 

The 2 Shepherds, the Wise men, all needed to show up in order to experience God who gave birth to a human baby. But if we never show up, we will never know the experience and how it has the power to change us. 

Out in the woods, time with family, alone with a good book, work, chores. Sure, all great experiences, but I invite you to come and see where the Christ child has been born, and see how this too can bring a deeper loving experience with God. 

Blessings to you this Advent Season.   Pastor Sara