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Celebration and struggle are nearly always our everyday companions.

posted Aug 23, 2018, 8:27 PM by Cameron Hubanks

Dear Members and Friends of Zwingli Church,


Most everyone I know prefers celebration to struggle.  But in real life celebration and struggle are nearly always our everyday companions.


John 6 represents a turning point in the life of Jesus.  Right on the heels of the heady aftermath of feeding 5000, Jesus challenged the crowds with some bottom-line assertions of what it really means to be his follower.  And many couldn’t stomach what he was saying.  Eating bread and fish on a hillside was one thing, but following Jesus through struggle and loss didn’t seem nearly so attractive.  We are told “many” decided not to follow any longer.


There’s nothing new about the imperative of this kind of decision.  Over a thousand years before Jesus, Joshua worriedly challenged the people of Israel to decide who they would follow and obey.  


The decisions you and I face about how to determine the values around which we will organize our lives are no easier today than they were in the day of Jesus.  On Sunday we’ll explore a bit of what that’s all about.  Join us!


By the way…..thanks to all those who organized the Ice Cream social this past Sunday!  


This Sunday – being the last Sunday of the month – there will be treats and coffee after worship.  During the coffee hour the families of this coming year’s confirmands will meet with me to give shape to the coming Confirmation program.


See you Sunday!  Blessings!


Rich Pleva, Pastor

Zwingli United Church of Christ



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