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God is the creator and that which God has created is good

posted Sep 22, 2018, 7:23 AM by Cameron Hubanks   [ updated Sep 25, 2018, 11:36 AM ]

Good afternoon, Zwingli Church!


The first three chapters of Genesis present two different creation accounts.  In the first, the narrator/poet lays emphasis on God’s organized approach in bringing the whole of the universe into being.  The emphasis is clear; God is the creator and that which God has created is good – very good, according to the 6th day summary.


In the second and third chapters an apparently different story-teller retells much of the same story but with a markedly different emphasis.  This time the focus shifts from the creator to the apex of the creation – to humankind.  In this account the narrator seeks to give a sort of explanation for so much of what has always vexed humankind – then and now.  Why is God’s “good” creation so mired in trouble?  Why do almost all of us struggle so to be accountable for our actions?  Why is work such a drudgery?  And more.


There are people – mostly people who’ve never read the book – who imagine that the Bible is story after story of pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by.  In fact, the Bible is a ruthlessly honest collection of stories and histories in which humans are SOMETIMES at their best, but more often are far from it.  Neither Adam nor Eve shine in the text we will consider this coming Sunday.  


One way to understand the mandate of the church is as a community called to plug away at restoring the goodness of creation.  For that to be possible, we’ve all got to do our part.  See you Sunday!


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