A Sunday to Remember

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Sunday Worship:  9:30 am.  Children’s Sunday School during worship on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month.  

To contact Pastor Rich Pleva, call 608-845-5641 or text 608-574-9465 or email zwingliuccpaoli@gmail.com.



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Preliminary work has begun on the church budget for 2019. With the decreased expense of having a half-timepastor, there is the likelihood of more flexibility for creative use of the funds you give to God’s work throughZwingli Church. The Finance Committee and Church Council are considering various ways to faithfully usethose resources, and you’ll hearing more about that in the days to come. In the meantime, seriousconsideration is being given to increased mission giving – potentially nearby in the communities in which welive and also far away with people we don’t know. If you have suggestions for ways to assign increased mission giving, please be in touch with a member of the Church Council. The Council can’t promise that everysuggestion will be adopted, but we do promise that every suggestion will be carefully and prayerfully considered.


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December 2018 Calendar (Jan 2019)

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Bring Cookies for Kelsch on December 16th

Every year the Guild gives a gift of cookies to the employees of Kelsch next door in gratitude for allowing us to use their parking facilities. If you are able, please bring 1 or 2 dozen of your favorite cookies so that platters of goodies can be distributed to these folks. We thank them for their generosity.

Christmas Choir Practices

Ruby Pleva has offered to lead a choir during this holiday month – one Sunday and perhaps Christmas Eve Service. If you are interested in being in the Choir please contact Ruby as soon as possible so practices can be determined. Come one come all !!!!!!!!!

 Sun. Dec. 2 – Worship w/ communion. SS Christmas program practice after worship (and Dec. 9)

 Tues. Dec. 4, 11, 18 – Tuesday am Bible study

 Sun. Dec. 16 – Sunday School Christmas program w/ coffee hour following (snow date: Dec. 23)

 Wed. Dec. 19 – Church Council

 Mon. Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve worship at 5:00 pm (NOTE TIME CHANGE FROM PRIOR YEARS!)

 Wed, Jan 16 – Council Meeting

 Sunday, Jan. 27 – Annual Meeting following worship

Note: Pastor Rich will be on vacation from December 25 through January 24. Petra Strieff will lead worship in his absence.

Note: The 1st Sunday of each month is communion and family worship Sunday and there is no Sunday School.


Christmas Eve Service

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As work and family traditions change and evolve, it is important that church traditions change to stay in step with those other changes. The Church Council has decided to experiment with an earlier time for Christmas Eve service this year. Our Christmas Eve service of carols and special music and communion will begin at 5:00 pm this year.

Change, of course, always impacts folk in different ways. We believe most families will find the earlier time better serves their other holiday practices, but it is likely that for some people the earlier time is LESS convenient. Please communicate your experiences – both positive and negative – to a Church Council member so that the decision for next year can take as much feedback as possible into consideration. Thank you!

Sunday School

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30 minute Christmas Program practices after church on : Dec. 2nd & Dec. 9th.

Sunday School Christmas Program is December 16th snow date is December 23rd during 9:30 church service!!!!!

There will be a Coffee hour after the Sunday School Program – Birthday Cake for Baby Jesus will be served along with beverages.


Sunday School Christmas Program is December 16th snow date is December 23rd during 9:30 church service.

There will be a Coffee hour after the Sunday School Program – Sunday School parents will be in charge of the coffee hour (well decide at the Nov. 25th first practice what we want to serve whether it is a potluck or just a cake and beverage).


Sunday School has a total of 9 children and we are off to a wonderful start. Thank you to Ashley and Scott Mansfield for being “helpers” as well as Travis Sponem. Reminder that the the first Sunday of each month will be Communion and families will worship together with no Sunday school on those days. If you have never attended Sunday School at Paoli but you are interested in starting please come and join us any Sunday. 

Also, no Sunday School the last Sunday of October as Kriss will be out of town.

Zwingli UCC-Paoli Women's Guild

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Cookies for Kelsch will be packaged on December 16, 2018. Members are asked to bring cookies to church that day.

Cookbook sales are on-going and for sale at a discount of $10 a book – great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, or a quick thank you.

Church Cancellation Policy

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Who knew we would have a snow and ice storm in April?! Because we had a weather cancellation on April 15, Pastor Laura and the Council decided to formalize a cancellation policy. *The Pastor has the responsibility for making the call on cancellation of Sunday worship and will communicate via the following:

  •   Contact the Council members & anyone who has worship leadership responsibilities for that day (e.g. liturgist, pianist, ushers, Sunday school teachers, etc) by phone or text.

  •   If safe to do so, a council member who lives near the church will post a physical notice on the door.

  •   Send an email to the all-church newsletter list.

  •   Post the cancellation on Facebook and contact the churchs website admin

    to post on the website.

  •   Post the cancellation on Channel 27 news event closing list.

    All who receive the notice of a cancellation are encouraged to help spread the word” to anyone who might not have or check email or social media regularly.

    The most important thing to remember when there is bad weather is to use your own best judgement and do not venture out if you feel uncomfortable doing so. Stay home and stay safe!

Pastor's Schedule for January

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Pastor Rich Will be Away Much of January.  When Pastor Rich came to serve us as a “semi-retired” pastor, he and the search committee agreed that more flexibility in terms of vacation would be appropriate. Instead of the typical 4 weeks of vacation each year, Rich is entitled to 8 weeks. Rich will be taking a longer vacation starting in late December and returning in late January. He and Ruby will travel to Myanmar (formerly Burma) where they will visit his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

In Rich’s absence our fellow member (and UCC minister) Petra Streiff will preach and lead worship. If any pastoral emergency arises during Rich’s time away, you should contact Council President Laura Herfel who will be contact with the pastor who has agreed to be available for any pastoral emergency during Rich’s absence.

Debit Direct News

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The Finance Committee and Church Council are happy to begin offering direct debit to the congregation. Direct debit allows you to have a monthly contribution automatically deducted from your checking account and debited directly to the church. No need for checks or envelopes, and makes budgeting your annual contribution amounts to the church easy. And, unlike with credit cards, there are no fees, for you or for the church. If you are interested in enrolling in direct debit, please contact Cole Leystra at 608-658-6513 or leystra@gmail.com


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